Sci- Fi, SL13B celebration (II) / Ciencia ficción, SL13B celebration (II)

Enclavado en el espacio de la celebración del 13 SLB la instalación del blog “Traveller in time” realiza un recorrido por sitios de SL donde no solo encontramos un paisaje maravilloso si no la posibilidad de correr aventuras.
La segunda etapa son los espacios siderales, los mundos de la ciencia ficción. El primer lugar es uno de los más antiguos de Second Life. En otros hay opciones de rol play, luchas, etc.

Nestled in the space of the celebration of 13 SLB installation blog “Traveller in Time ” takes a journey through sites SL where not only found a wonderful landscape if not the possibility of running adventures. The second stage is the sidereal space , the worlds of science fiction. The first is one of the oldest in Second Life. There are other options role play , fights, etc.


gemini cybernetics cyberpunk city roleplay dystopian scifi sci-fi robot android cyborg avatars space Mars /*Windlight  Sky@0-1500: “Blue Midday” Sky@1500-2300: “Nacon’s Morning2” Sky@2300-3300: “[TOR] SCIFI – Albedo 0.39” */



(LME)  Little Mos Eisley,Tatooine , DCS2, FFC

.Star Wars, Roleplay sim. Based on the planet of Tatooine, including the Dune Sea, Sarlacc, Hutt Palace, spanning over 3 Sims,. Stores, cyber, sci-fi, weapons, Starwars, Role play, DCS2, SWG, SWRP, * Anatolia Empire Combat field , /*Sky: “[TOR] SCIFI –


Mesa 5 / Greeble Store

Visit the planet Caliban. Home of Mesa, a Sci-Fi Cyberpunk city.
A trade hub for space ships & star farersç


Temporia Prime

Temporia Prime: Futuristic city built above land an exotic, alien planet, sci-fi, scifi, space, future, spaceship, suburban, Pandora,  /*Windlight Sky:”Midday” Water: “Glassy” Sky@0-815: “Blue Midday” Sky@815-4000: “Night” */



MCM Combat Operations // Mech Combat

MCM is a Sci-Fi Mech/Mecha, armored combat game heavily inspired by many games like BattleTech / MechWarrior. These robot fighters can be upgraded with new weapons and guns as well as utilities to provide vital boosts. We have five sim size combat areas!




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