SL 13B opens: Spectacular sensations (VII)

London City Estate and Community Gateway

London City, Official Community Gateway to Second Life.  Large established friendly community estate, with bars, clubs, shopping and homes. Live, work, play and explore all London has to offer.



The 1920s Berlin Project

This year’s theme for the SL13b Community Celebration is “The Shared Adventure”

The 1920s Berlin Project has been an vibrant community in Second Life for over 7 years and has allowed many thousands of people the opportunity to do not only try but share one of the most exiting adventures imaginable; Time Travel.

As a historical immersive roleplaying sim, people are given the chance to step back into the past to try and find out what life was like in this wonderful city before the Nazis took over.

In our SL13b display we are giving you a little taste of what our sim has to offer by showing you a Berlin court yard.
You can see how close the people live to each other, sharing a courtyard but even a water pump and toilet.
Visit Der Keller Tanzlokal where the locals drink, dance and chat, join us for our daily happy hour there at 2pm SLT.
And check out two apartments in the building above it, see how our tenants live.
But also look up the artist’s place, where he paints and sleep.




Cottage Curiosa Diorama

Diorama with a collection of M&M Creations best cottages and buildings in a lush scenery.



Lukas Cove – 1931, Maine USA

Coastal Maine Town, Home of Jared and Raylee Lukas, their family and friends during the 1930’s authentic vintage rp depression prohibition history kids lighthouse beach resort cabins 1930s lobster restaurant Maine coastal fishing mob mafia law shopping






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